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Does Dog Daycare Help With Socialization?

Posted by  on January 22, 2021

Dogs are extremely social animals that are well adjusted to living in groups. As a pet parent, we want our dog to be friendly with other dogs and people alike. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always turn out that way. This can cause your embarrassment, frustration, and even concern if your dog is aggressive and shows a poor attitude towards other dogs at the dog park or at play sessions. For your dog to feel more comfortable and at ease around different types of dogs, he or she will need to spend some time around other dogs.

Taking your puppy to dog daycare frequently at an early age can be very beneficial in teaching your dog how to properly interact and play with other dogs. It provides your dog the opportunity to see how other dogs behave and socialize, and may even lead to them pick up some positive behaviours along the way.

In the same fashion that preschool helps young children socialize and develop, dog daycare has many benefits for your dog. We outline several of these benefits below:

1. Exercise and Socialization

Dogs are naturally energetic, a dog daycare allows your dog to spend time running around and gives them the opportunity to stretch their legs out, all while spending time with other dogs. Socialization is important for dogs as it gives them confidence, teaches them respect and tolerance as they interact with one another.

2. Learning to Play in a Pack

Taking your furry friend to a dog daycare gives them the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs of various breeds and sizes. Your dog will learn to play in a group setting, which helps them burn both physical and mental energy. Playing in a group setting helps feed your dog’s senses and benefits their overall health.

3. Alleviation of Boredom and Loneliness

Dog daycare allows dogs to make friends, play, be stimulated and engage with other dogs and people. This helps to reduce loneliness and boredom that can arise from being left alone at home daily. A dog daycare can assist with reducing and even eliminating separation anxiety, fear of people and other dogs, as well as combativeness, as your dog will be distracted with other dogs and people. Being mentally and physically stimulated as well as feeling as part of the pack, will have your dog excited about attending dog daycare.

4. Prevention of Destruction Behaviour

Providing your dog with the opportunity to be amongst others dogs, helps them learn how to properly socialize. The chances of your dog becoming aggressive and misbehaving are greatly reduced as he or she plays with other dogs in a controlled environment. Additionally, this learned behaviour will carry over to other environments outside of daycare as well.

5. Enable Calmness and Better Sleep

Dogs taken to dog daycare show a higher level of calmness and patience, they also tend to sleep better having just burned off both physical and mental energy. Dogs that are accustomed to daycare also tend not to over react to strangers and other dogs.

6. Get Dogs Used to Parting from Owners

A major benefit of dog daycare for both puppies and adult dogs, is that it teaches them to handle being separated from their owners without feeling anxious or sad. This is possible because they get to meet and play with other dogs and people. When you do return to pick up your furry friend, they will be exhausted from exercise and play all day, that all they will want to do is take a nap.

Dog daycare definitely helps with socialization, amongst other benefits. It is never too late to socialize your dog, it is easier for puppies to become accustomed to others, but your older dogs can also benefit from spending time with other dogs at daycare. Over time, they too will become more confident and overcome their fear of others.

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