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Canadian Owned and Operated

Dog Boarding & Day Care Center

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom Resort, where the well-being of your dog is our number one priority. Our pet resort was designed to cater to the needs of our four-legged clients and their companions. We’ve seen the services provided for dogs in the GTA and have looked for ways we could improve upon them at our resort. The areas we found lacking were:

  • The size of the facilities and activities available for dogs
  • Convenient overnight lodgings that were safe and caring
  • Grooming services that could be customized to meet the needs of every client
  • Separate accommodations for non neutered/spayed dogs.
  • Professional care for dogs requiring special attention due to health or behavioural challenges.

We discovered that not only were these things in high demand, but there wasn’t a place where dog owners could find all of these services in one convenient location. Animal Kingdom Resort offers all of these combined and everything your dog needs for a happy life.

Tried and True Dog Lovers

Our team of dog lovers are experienced in dog care and grooming and will do everything possible to keep your pet loved and happy. The Kingdom is the largest facility of its kind in the GTA, with plenty of space for dogs to run free and get their much-needed exercise. We also offer both day and overnight care for dogs in a well thought out space designed for your pet’s comfort. Whether you need an hour’s appointment for grooming, a few hours of playtime, daycare while you are at work, or safe overnight lodgings while you are away, our team is ready to assist.

Commitment to Health and Safety

You can be confident your pet will be cared for in a clean environment where your pet’s health and safety is our number one priority. We take every measure to ensure your pet is never exposed to any dangers or health risks and remain committed to providing the highest quality care in the GTA. Every one of our clients is treated with love, respect, and care, ensuring your dog feels secure. We believe in creating relationships with our clients, even if it is just for a few hours! Your dog will discover the perfect place to feel free to be themselves, interact with other dogs, and make new human companions dedicated to their well-being. Our customer service is also top-rate, designed to set your mind at ease when your dog is left in our care.

Our Qualifications

Our team consists of highly trained, certified individuals dedicated to animal rights and kindness. We have undergone specialty training to ensure we can handle dogs of all temperaments and can ensure caring supervision to avoid behavioural challenges. You never need to worry about your pet’s safety and will find them completely content when spending time at Animal Resort Kingdom. We value your dog’s happiness and treat them with the same love and respect as our own four-legged companions.

If you would like more information and speak to our team, call us at 1-905-206-0531 or click here to register.

  • Online Registration

Welcome to the Kingdom, we’re are glad you decided to register for our dog grooming and lodging services. Please complete the form providing as much detail as possible, so we get a good understanding of what you need. We look forward to the opportunity of meeting you and your companion. A member of our team will contact you soon.

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