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One of the reasons our clients feel confident they can trust their dogs to our care is that we take every precaution to ensure their pets remain safe, healthy, and content. Although it might seem unfair that we cannot accept all dogs, it is our duty to ensure each of our clients feels safe and secure during their time here. The only way to do this is to complete an assessment, so we know each dog is healthy, well-behaved, and friendly. Our trial visits are designed to assess your dog and make sure they are a good fit. Our goal is to ensure that each dog who stays with us, whether it is for a few hours, a day, or as a lodger for several days, feels safe, secure and loved when away from their pet companions. Dogs with behaviour challenges are separated from other dogs and receive one-on-one care with our caregivers. This is to ensure the safety of all our clientele and staff.

How Assessments Work

Our team is highly trained and experienced in providing specialized care for our visitors. However, we have to ensure we take every precaution to keep your dog safe during their stay with us. All dogs deserve love and attentive care, but unfortunately, there are cases where other dogs can put your dog at risk. Because of this, we perform a careful assessment for every potential visitor before they are allowed to interact with other dogs at our facility. Our assessments include either a day visit or an overnight stay for lodgers. We look at every aspect of your dog’s health history and look for potential issues in their behaviour that could make our four-legged clients feel unsafe.

Our assessments include:

  • Interaction with one of our team members who will take time to observe the behaviour and social aspects of your dog
  • A review of your dog’s medical history and proof of their vaccination records
  • All puppies must pass a clean fecal exam
  • Dogs must be free of contagious illnesses and in good health

What Requirements Must be Met

In order for your dog to meet our requirements, they must demonstrate their ability to interact with other dogs without excessive barking, rough play, mounting, bullying, or any other forms of negative behaviour towards their fellow dogs or caregivers. They must also meet all health requirements to ensure they do not put their fellow dogs at risk. This applies to all visits following their assessment and acceptance to become a guest at the Kingdom Animal Resort. Even if your dog passes their assessment and meets all requirements, they must continue to demonstrate proper behaviour while visiting our facility. If we notice changes in their behaviour or health, we will discuss their issues and might be required to refuse admittance, should the negative behaviour or health risks persist. This ensures that all of our clients remain safe while in our care. 

We would love to get the chance to meet your dog. If you would like to set up an assessment with our team, click here.

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