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Dog Boarding Services Mississauga

At Animal Kingdom Resort, we provide a homey atmosphere where your pet will feel comfortable while you are away. We understand how difficult it can be to leave your pooch behind when you travel. However, you can feel confident that your dog will be in good hands when they stay at the Animal Kingdom Resort. We offer a loving environment where we do everything possible to make your dog feel at home. We have designed our pet resort with your dog’s comfort in mind, with cozy lodging and lots of activities to keep them busy. Everything we do during your dog’s stay is designed to leave little time for them to feel nervous or afraid. We specialize in cuddles and focus on ensuring your dog feels safe and well cared for until you return. Whether you are gone overnight or are off on an extended holiday, your pet will be safe and content at Animal Kingdom Resort.

Comforts of Home

We go beyond the traditional dog boarding services offered by most kennels. Instead, we want your dog to enjoy their time away from home at our dog resort. We do everything possible to avoid your pet feeling they have been left with strangers. We focus on providing a loving, safe environment where your dog will feel as if they are with their family. Their health and comfort are our primary concerns, and we ensure they receive the same attention they would when they are home. Our comfortable dog boarding accommodations are designed to feel as homey as possible, and you can even bring their dog bed along, so they feel they are in more familiar surroundings.

Boarding Services for Dogs with Special Needs

At Animal Kingdom Resort, we offer a low-stress environment where the needs of our guests are met. We will discuss any special requirements for your dog to ensure they feel safe while in our care. Whether it is potential behaviour challenges, the need for extra cuddles, or the fact they are shy, we will provide unlimited attention so that they do not feel scared or lonely. We are also able to administer medications, so your dog receives the specialized care they require to stay healthy.

Your Choice of Lodging

You can choose suitable lodging for your dog. We offer both kennel and private accommodations designed to suit your dog’s temperament. Our goal is to ensure that our guests feel safe and comfortable, and we will help them adjust to their temporary home. Our resort offers a secure facility where your dog will be safe. We offer 24-hour camera surveillance, as well as a security system to detect issues with heat, smoke, and intruders.

Safe Feeding

In order to avoid tummy issues while you are away, we ask that our pet companions provide the food and treats they feed their dogs at home. This is the best way to ensure your dog will eat their meals. Serving even the freshest and healthiest menu to your pet while they stay with us can lead to issues if we choose foods they are not accustomed to eating. By keeping their diet consistent, they will be more content. As well, each dog is provided with a quiet, private space to enjoy their meals, without the fear of other dogs eating their food or bothering them while they eat.

Spa Treatment

We can also arrange for grooming services while you are away. You will come home to find your pet perfectly primped and relaxed from their spa treatments.

Plenty to Do – Dog Boarding Activities & Atmosphere

During your dog’s stay, they will have use of our spacious play area so you can be certain they will never be bored or lonely. They can stay active and interact with other friendly dogs, or they can choose a quiet space to sit and relax. We provide the following for our lodgers:

  • Exercise
  • Socializing
  • Playtime
  • Fresh air
  • Love and affection
  • Indoor playroom for year-round fun
  • Highly trained staff to provide hands-on supervision
  • A safe, clean facility

Lodging Requirements

For the safety of all our guests, we do have a list of requirements for our lodgers. We will setup an assessment to make sure your dog feels comfortable at our resort, while also looking for potential issues that could make other lodgers uncomfortable. Our requirements include:

  • Quick-release fitted collars and up-to-date identification and Rabies tags must be worn.
  • All DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations must be up to date, including puppies that must have their first set of vaccinations.
  • All puppies must pass a clean fecal exam.
  • Dogs must be free of contagious illnesses and in good health.
  • From May to November, all dogs must be on a flea protection program and be tick and flea free at all times.

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If you would like more information about our dog lodging services or wish to reserve a spot for your pet, click here.

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