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Lodging Requirements

One of the reasons you can trust Animal Kingdom Resort to care for your dog is that we take every precaution to ensure their health and safety. That all begins by setting special requirements for lodgers and day visitors designed to limit the risks from both a health and a social standpoint. If you would like to enroll your pet in one of our programs, your dog must, therefore, meet the following requirements.

Doggy Daycare & Overnight Stay Enrollment

For both day visits and overnight stays, you must first set up a trial appointment for your dog. For daycare, this is only required if your dog is over one year old, and for overnight stays, it is required for all dogs. During the trial, your dog will interact with one of our team members who will take the time to observe their behaviour and socialization. We will also review their medical history with you and discuss our services. At this time, we will review veterinary records, and you must submit proof that your pet meets all of our health requirements. You will have to sign waivers confirming the information you provide is true.

You can ask questions, and we will show you our facilities. If you intend to schedule an overnight stay, your dog will have to spend the night with us before their first stay. This is good for both your dog and our team as it allows your dog to feel comfortable with us, and we can also ensure they are a good fit for our facility.

What types of dogs are accepted at Animal Kingdom Resorts?

We try to be as inclusive as possible, as we know that all dogs deserve love and a place to have fun. All breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs are accepted; however, we have to keep the safety and happiness of our clients in mind. Therefore, we have set some rules and requirements, which include:

  • Quick-release fitted collars and up-to-date identification and rabies tags must be worn.
  • All DHPP, rabies and bordetella vaccinations must be up to date, including puppies that must have their first set of vaccinations.
  • All puppies must pass a clean fecal exam.
  • Dogs must be free of contagious illnesses and in good health.
  • From May to November, all dogs must be on a flea protection program and be tick and flea free at all times.
  • Non-neutered/spayed dogs are accepted at additional costs. We take extra precautions to separate non-neutered/spayed dogs, while also showing them equal love and care.

All dogs must be well-socialized and not show signs of behavioural issues, such as possessiveness with toys or food.

General Rules at the Animal Kingdom Resort

In order to reserve a regular place at The Kingdom, you must commit to a visit of at least one day per week. When a dog is absent for a longer period of time, we have to set up another trial visit to look for potential new behaviour issues.

To ensure the safety of our visitors, we reserve the right to refuse access to dogs that do not display proper behaviour, or that can present a health or safety risk to other dogs.

For availability information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.


One of the reasons our clients feel confident they can trust their dogs to our care is that we take every precaution to ensure their pets remain safe, healthy, and content.

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We want all pet companions to feel confident their four-legged friends are safe when in our care. When it comes to your dog’s health, we take every precaution to ensure they are well-cared for and not put at risk while visiting our facility.

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