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5 Best Healthy Treats for Your Dog

Posted by  on December 22, 2021

Dogs digest their food differently than us, so sharing our food with them instead of dog treats can be unhealthy and even dangerous for your dog. With that being said, there are many foods that we enjoy that are perfectly safe and are even considered healthy for your pup as long as they are given in moderation as a treat.

Yes, you can purchase dog treats from your local grocery store or pet shop to provide to your dog, but many of these include chemicals and dyes as part of their ingredients. Many fruits and vegetables are healthy, natural treats your dog will love.

Below we highlight 5 fruit and vegetable treats that are healthy for your dog:

1. Apples

Apples are undoubtedly one of the healthiest, natural treats you can give to your dog. These delicious fruits provide calcium, fiber, vitamin C, and much more for your pup. Using apples as a treat for your dog will contribute immensely to their overall wellbeing, apples are low in fat and protein making them a great treat for dogs of any age.

There is some prep required before giving apples to your dog. You should cut the apple into smaller pieces to make it easier for your dog to eat, as well as remove the core and seeds as they could harm your pup.

2. Carrots

Beta carotene and several other vitamins are found inside carrots, so don’t hesitate to give them to your dog as a treat. Carrots are easily found at your local grocery store and are fairly inexpensive, so they can be used frequently to treat your dog. Carrots provide an added bonus of being good for your dog’s teeth. These crunchy veggies are fun for your dog to chew on and are also great for teething puppies, especially when frozen.

3. Strawberries

Dog grooming services professionals often recommend strawberries as a great, natural treat as they contain Omega-3 for skin and coat health. Frozen strawberries are not only healthy for your dog but fun to chew on and can help cool your pup down on a hot day. Strawberries also contain an enzyme that can help whiten your dog’s teeth.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is a common and awesome cruciferous vegetable. It comprises amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, Vitamin E, phosphorus, and lots more. Due to its amazing content, broccoli offers lots of health benefits to your dog and is a good choice as an occasional treat for your dog. You can give broccoli to your dog in a variety of different forms, including steamed, roasted, or raw. However, refrain from adding any seasoning to the broccoli before giving it to your dog and if it is raw, try to cut up the stalks into smaller, more manageable pieces.

5. Bananas

Like other treats on this list, bananas are a natural treat that are easy to find. They are high in potassium, fiber and vitamins but should be given in moderation as they do have a high sugar content.

In addition to the list above, watermelon, green beans, green peas, cooked squash, and blueberries are other natural, healthy treats that you can provide your dog in moderation.


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