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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs Grooming Services

Posted by  on June 6, 2022

Most dog owners get their dogs groomed to keep them looking their best. However, some may overlook how important proper grooming is. Grooming is an essential part of your dog’s overall health and well-being and even a short-coated dog can suffer from a lack of grooming. The amount of grooming your dog will need will depend on their coat type. However, every dog will need some kind of grooming. For a thorough and detailed groom, consider professional dog grooming services. They can tailor their services to meet your dog’s specific needs. 

Matted fur attracts ticks and fleas

Matted fur can be a tough area to fix as a dog owner because it is the fur that cannot be untangled and the only real option is to cut it off. Along with the difficulty in brushing your dog’s fur, another worry about matted fur is ticks and fleas. They attach to the skin and cause health problems because matter fur is an ideal place for these pests to thrive. Dog grooming services can take care of these areas thoroughly, removing any possibilities of pests while also maintaining your dog’s appealing appearance. 

Keeps your dog’s coat healthy while controlling shedding

Dog grooming services, specifically the bathing part and with the right products, will help remove old hair, smell, dirt, and any excess oil from your dog’s skin. After bathing, you may notice a shinier coat on your dog. Brushing also has multiple benefits such as reducing the need to bathe as frequently. Brushing is also great for the health of your dog’s coat and increases blood circulation under the fur, promoting healthy growth. Getting your dog regularly groomed can also greatly reduce the amount of shedding you may have to clean up.  

Check for health issues

Dog grooming services are the perfect opportunity for groomers to check your dog’s body for any signs that they have developed lumps, bumps, cuts, grazes, or even swelling. There may be places that may be hard to notice during your day-to-day interactions with your dog. Dog grooming services would additionally look out for fleas or ticks, blocked anal glands, ears, teeth, and the brightness of their eyes and coat. It is during grooming that the exterior details of your dog’s physical health can be closely examined, especially if you are unsure of what to look for. 

Keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy

Dental health is an important aspect of the overall health of your dog. If it is difficult to brush your dog’s teeth because they are being challenging or areas are hard to reach. It is still vital that they still get their teeth brushed regularly because it helps to prevent dental health problems and bad breath. A trained groomer knows the right products and techniques to make taking care of your pet’s oral health a priority. 

Keep ear infections away 

Dogs need their ears cleaned regularly, especially breeds that are prone to ear infections. Dogs that have hair in their ears would need this hair plucked regularly, although this is more common in long-coated dogs than others. However, keeping the inside of your dog’s ears clean will prevent ear infections, ear mites, and other ailments. In addition to overall health, your dog will feel more comfortable. 

Grooming your dog can be a daunting task especially if you have not done it before. However, dog grooming services can ensure your dog will be looking its best while also ensuring your dog is healthy and in good condition. Professional dog grooming services remove matted fur and keep your dog healthy, check for any health issues, maintain their teeth, and prevent ear infections. With so many benefits, dog grooming services are essential for any dog.

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