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How Do I Bring A Nervous Dog To The Groomers?

Posted by  on September 22, 2021

Many dogs get nervous when they visit the groomer. You’ve probably taken your dog to the groomer for dog grooming and noticed they started to bark, wince or shake uncontrollably. Not all dogs are afraid of the groomer, but like your dog many are.
No matter how your dog’s fear presents itself, you should take preventative measures to address their anxiety before it escalates into aggression. You will need to take a little time and consideration to create positive associations with grooming time. Read on to learn how to calm a nervous dog and make your next trip to the groomers stress-free.

1. Start Grooming at Home

Create a good dog grooming experience for your dog at home. When you groom your dog yourself at home, they will eventually learn that grooming isn’t that scary and terrifying as it seems. Handle your dog gently, touch his feet and face and run a comb through his fur. Let him get used to the process. Expose him to grooming tools and equipment so that he will not get scared.

2. Desensitize Him to The Process

Your dog’s nervousness may have resulted from oversensitivity to the grooming process. You can desensitize him by introducing grooming tools and equipment in a more relaxed way. Show a blow dryer to your dog calmly; let him sniff and feel comfortable with it before turning it on. After some time, turn the blow dryer on at the lowest setting. If the response is not favourable, move to another part of the room, showing and turning on the blow dryer. After some time, your dog will calm down. Then you can gently touch your dog with the blow dryer to the point when it no longer provokes fear or anxiety.

3. Find a Groomer for Nervous Dogs

Another way to help your dog is to find a groomer that specializes in handling nervous dogs. The groomer must be good at calming nervous and troubled dogs. He or she must be able to read dogs’ body language and make them feel at ease. You can get recommendations from family and friends. There are also dog groomers that use aromatherapy shampoos for calming anxious dogs.

4. Visit the Groomer’s Office a Day Earlier

Try visiting the groomer a day before taking your furry friend for a dog grooming appointment. This will help your dog get familiar with the groomer and environment so it won’t be scary and strange to your pet when you get there on the day of your appointment.

5. Go for The Dog Grooming

On the day of your dog grooming appointment, ensure that your dog is well fed and exercised. Take some toys and treats to keep your dog happy and entertained before you arrive at the groomer.
Remember that it is necessary to calm your furry friend down before going for dog grooming. You don’t want to do anything to increase your dog’s anxiety. Stay patient and keep your dog, your groomer and yourself, by creating a positive experience that will have your dog loving being groomed!

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