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How To Properly Groom A Long-haired Dog?

Posted by  on March 22, 2022

Dogs are great cuddle buddies and excellent friends. Like all friendships, you need to make sure your friend is well taken care of, especially when they have exceptionally long hair. How can you groom your long-haired dog though? Here are some tips that will make your dog look and feel good.

Bubble up

A bubble-full bath is the primary part of grooming your dog. You need to bathe your long-haired dog with mild dog shampoo and this might take a while due to the amount of hair on your dog’s body so be prepared for a slight workout. A bath is recommended at least once every three months, but you have to exercise caution in the frequency of bathing so you don’t suck out all the moisture in the dog’s skin. Remember to be gentle during bathes and try not to get carried away with the force you exert on your pet.

Dry with a towel

We always recommend that dogs be dried up with towels, even after their furious shakes, to ensure that all the water is dried off so your dog won’t catch a cold. Other methods of drying may trigger a bad skin reaction from your dog or damage its hair follicles so it is very advisable to stick to toweling!

Stay consistent in brushing

Grooming your long-haired dog requires regular brushing. This keeps your dog’s hair from forming a knot and becoming hard to detangle. Being consistent with brushing keeps your dog’s hair smooth and allows ease in subsequent grooming. Long-haired dogs need regular grooming to avoid future difficulties. If it has little patience for grooming, ensure to keep the session short to avoid fits and scratches from your dog.

Be careful in trimming

When cutting your dog’s hair, go for a thin trimming first. This is to gradually achieve desired results. A deep plunge might be risky because it is closer to the dog’s skin. You also need to be patient while trimming so you don’t mistakenly poke your dog with the scissors. With the information mentioned, it is best to opt for professional dog grooming services to get the best results with little risk.

Finish with a flair

After a trim or bath, you can style your dog’s hair -if it has the patience for you to play around its head and hair. Give your pet a clip or bow and have them looking their cutest with all their buddies at the local dog park!

Your long-haired dog deserves the very best, and good grooming is right up that alley! If you need help with grooming your dog, you can hire professional dog grooming services.

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