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What Does Dog Grooming Include?

Posted by  on October 22, 2021

A dog is part of your family, and making sure that they are healthy and well taken care of is always a priority. When it comes to pampering your dog with spa-like services at the groomers, there are a variety of services available that can be catered to your dog based on breed, size, style and overall needs. From a standard wash and dry to full deluxe packages and everything in between, a visit to the groomer will have your pup looking and feeling refreshed.

Below we highlight the primary dog grooming services that are available for your dog at most professional groomers. Some of these services come standard with a full grooming package, while others are an add on option.

Initial Assessment

An associate will complete an assessment of your dog’s coat, skin, nails, teeth, ears and temperament so that they can build a custom approach to address all of your dog’s needs. This is where they will recommend what services are required, and you can express your preferences and the treatments wanted.

Nail Trimming and Clipping

Trimming and clipping your dog’s nails ensures that they are at a safe and proper length, reducing the possibility of your dog harming themselves, other dogs or people. Clipping overgrown nails will also help improve your dog’s overall hygiene.

Undercoat Brushing

Most standard dog grooming service packages include brushing your dog’s fur and undercoat. If left unkempt, the dog’s fur can become tangled, and can lead to shedding. During the grooming process, the dog’s hair will be detangled and brushed.

Eye and Ear Cleaning

Most professional dog grooming services will include cleaning your dog’s eyes and ears. Their ears should be cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt and gunk that has built up. Tear stains (reddish stains) below the dog’s eyes will also be cleaned.


Bath time is pampering time, and most dogs look forward to this part of the grooming experience. Before you complete the check-in process when you arrive, make sure you ask what type of shampoo and conditioner will be used on your dog. Specially formulated, all natural, ph-balanced shampoos and conditioners should be used to ensure your pup skin doesn’t get irritated or dried out.


Your dog will be dried by hand and by dryers after they have been washed. Initial towel drying is customary on your pets’ face, ears and tail to ensure maximum comfort, followed by a full body dry, using dryers.


Cutting your pets hair after a wash and dry ensures their coat is tangle free, knot free and healthy. Your pet will receive their custom styling at this point as well.

Brushing of the teeth

Even though this service isn’t standard with many groomers, having your dog’s teeth brushed is a great way to maintain their health. Dirt and food residue will be removed during the process, and your dog’s mouth, teeth, tongue, and entire oral cavity will be cleaned appropriately.

The above are some of the dog grooming services available at most professional groomers. Taking your pup to an experienced dog groomer will ensure your dog the best care possible.

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