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What is the importance of creating a regular schedule for your dog?

Posted by  on May 12, 2022

Dogs are creatures of habit. They live their healthiest and happiest lives when they have a regular schedule in place. A day in the life of a dog should include a feeding schedule, sleep routine, potty routine, and regular exercise. Having a set schedule can assist with your dog’s overall wellness and help you easily care for them. 

Feeding schedule 

Generally, every dog should be fed twice a day. This may change depending on the dog’s age or breed. For puppies to grow big and strong they require frequent meals. Usually more than two meals every day. If you have any questions regarding how often you should feed your dog, your greatest resource is your local veterinarian. 

When feeding your dog twice a day, it’s important to keep the interval between feedings consistent. This usually means feeding them once in the morning and then feeding them once more in the evening. After feeding your dog in the morning, ensure to leave enough time for them to go outdoors or take a short stroll to relieve themselves. During the evening it’s important to give your dog ample time to digest and relieve themselves before bed. This will ensure that your dog is comfy all night and help you get a full night’s rest. 

Potty Routine 

Potty breaks should be taken first thing in the morning, after meals, while walking and

playing, and before bed. Establishing a potty pattern for your dog will help prevent unpleasant clean-ups and feelings of discomfort or worry for them. To establish a pattern, keep an eye on your dog because they will find a way to let you know they need to go to the bathroom. Some signs are: 

– Barking or scratching at the door

– Squatting 

– Restlessness

– Sniffing around 

– Circling in an area 

This would be the time to take them to their potty area. Be sure to complement and reward your dog when they relieve themselves in an appropriate spot. It’s during times of positive reinforcement that your dog will begin to follow a potty routine because they will recognize the proper bathroom break as good behaviour. 

Sleep Routine 

Place your dog in a sleep routine where they wake up and go to bed at around the same time each day. Your dog will quickly learn to anticipate your sleep patterns. They will get into a habit of sleeping when you sleep and waking up when you wake up. Your dog will be comforted and reassured by the sleep routine you build for them. This allows your dog to receive the rest that they need. In addition, a restful night’s sleep for you. 

Regular Exercise

Along with a steady eating regimen, regular exercise is crucial to your dog’s health. Dogs were once wild animals. When they became domesticated pets, their level of activity decreased over time. It’s critical to set aside time each day for mobility and exercise. Ideally, you would want to walk your dog at least once a day. Depending on the breed of dog you may need to walk them twice. Your dog will love moving and challenging their muscles and mind. These activities can include:

– Playing catch in the backyard 

– Taking a stroll around the block

– Spending time at a dog daycare

Having a set schedule for your dog ensures better overall health. A set feeding routine, a sleep schedule, potty breaks, and regular exercises, help in giving your dog structure and confidence. Ready to commit to your dog’s overall health and wellness and build a healthy routine? Click here to fill out our registration request and we will set up an appointment at your convenience.


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