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What To Do If My Dog Has Mats (and How To Avoid It)

Posted by  on November 9, 2022

Matting is a problem caused by extensive tangles and knots in your dog’s fur and can negatively affect your dog’s overall health and hygiene. It’s a painful health concern that can lead to additional health difficulties including infections or skin irritations, as well as masking other health problems or parasites. In addition, mats obstruct air movement in your dog’s fur and can retain moisture, causing discomfort and blisters for your dog. Matting can be uncomfortable even in moderate situations, but in severe cases, matting can block off circulation to your dog’s skin and create hematomas, which is very dangerous. Furthermore, in rare cases, matting is so bad that you must take your dog to a veterinarian for treatment and such. Some dogs have coats that require more upkeep and are more prone to matting. These types of breeds and coats include Poodles, Doodles, Curly coats, Cocker Spaniels, Bishon, ShihTzu, and any variant of these breeds. Dogs with long silky coats, such as Yorkies, can become matted, as can dogs with double coats. With all that being said, to help you take care of your dog, here is some information on what to do if your dog has mats and how to avoid this health condition.


If your dog’s matting is minor, it may occasionally be brushed out using detangling sprays, products, and equipment. However, doing this will take time and might be unpleasant to complete for both you and your dog. As a result, It is best that you only detangle your dog’s matts in this way if the matting is light. It is recommended that you d o not wash your dog if you notice any moderate matting. It is best to keep in mind that the water will make the mats tighter, which will make them harder to get rid of. Furthermore, professionals recommend that you bring your dog to the groomer before the mats become unbearable. Early mat removal will help avoid skin issues and may save some hair length.


The dematting entails taking tiny parts of hair at a time and trying to loosen the mats with dematting tools and treatments, followed by combing. If your dog’s matting is severe, the safest and most gentle option to remove the mats is to trim his hair short. Their hair’s length will be determined by how tight the mats are. To remove them, you must be able to get the blade under the mat and against the skin. If the matting isn’t too tight, you can occasionally get longer blades beneath to rescue some length. If the mats are too close to the skin, you will need to use our shortest blade to remove them.


When your dog is matted, it is crucial to do what is best for your dog, which in many situations includes shaving the mats off of your dog. Shaving is not a “quick fix” for getting the job done; it may be a tedious and harmful operation. You would be focusing on parts of your dog’s skin that are thin and potentially inflamed, as well as areas where their hair is being pulled due to tight mats. There is a risk of nicks, cuts, or abrasions while removing a densely matted coat because of warts, moles, and skin folds trapped and hidden beneath the matted hair. As a result, shaving a matted dog must be done gently and with extreme caution. Here are some reasons why shaving is your best option when it comes to the removal of your dog’s matts.

Cutting Matts Out

It is recommended to never use scissors to remove mats from your dog’s fur. It’s quite simple to get your dog’s skin caught in the mats and inadvertently develop a huge wound on your dog. When your dog is matted, professionals do not recommend just cutting off the mats. This is harmful and won’t really get rid of the matts.


Many dog owners who brush their pets on a regular basis may mistake the thick layer of pelted matting under the layer of combed fur for the skin. Youmust be able to get a comb all the way through the coat and down to the skin. When fur adheres to the skin, it must be removed. If you can’t get a comb through your dog’s hair to their skin, chances are you need to shave their hair as a whole.


To prevent matts from occurring, you must use the right materials when taking care of your dog, give them a healthy diet and bathe them on a regular basis. First off, some tools that you must use in order to prevent matts from happening are combs, slicker brushes for larger coat dogs, soft bristle brushes and pin brushes.

Furthermore, to maintain in top shape, a strong, healthy coat requires appropriate nourishment. Dogs require a high intake of Omega-3 fatty acids to maintain a healthy coat and a robust immune system. The majority of commercial diets are deficient in fatty acids. Feeding animal-based oils such as fish oil, krill oil, or salmon oil is preferred over plant-based oils (such as maize oil) because it contains Omega 3 in a usable form for your dog to absorb. Furthermore, it avoids an excess of Omega 6, which can lead to further skin irritation, allergies, or skin problems.

Moreover, bathing your dog on a regular basis will help keep his skin and coat in good shape. It is advised that you bathe your dog as often as necessary to eliminate the buildup of dead skin and fur. Some dogs must be bathed regularly, while others must be bathed monthly. The amount of time between showers may vary depending on the dog, but using a mild shampoo and hydrating conditioner can help maintain their skin and hair in good shape. Never give your dog human shampoo or dish soap. These items have an unsuitable pH level for dogs and may contribute to dry flaky skin.

Taking care of your dog’s hygiene and health is an important responsibility of a pet owner. It is your job to make sure that they are feeling and looking their best. With that being said, you must be aware of your dog’s matts and whether or not they are currently experiencing them. If they do have matts, you must treat them and demat them in the most efficient way possible. You can brush their matts out if they are minor, but if they are severe, it is best that you shave your dog’s fur off as this brings a number of benefits to the table. If you aren’t comfortable with doing so, you should take them to a dog grooming service and they’ll provide you with the best solution. To prevent all of this from even happening, you must give them a healthy diet, bathe them regularly and use the right materials when doing so. By following these tips, both you and your dog will be happy and feel better than ever.

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