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Why It’s Worth Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally

Posted by  on January 8, 2022

Many dog owners understand the benefits of professional dog grooming services, however there are also many dog owners that opt to skip grooming their dogs professionally. These dog owners take on the task of grooming their own dogs, without any professional training or direction. Not only are they missing out on the benefits of professional dog grooming services, they may overlook signs of potential issues and can actually cause harm to their pup in the process.

Below we highlight why it’s worth having your dog groomed professionally.

Full service offerings

Professional dog grooming services include a wide range of services to keep your dog healthy and looking their best. From brushing to bathing, trimming, clipping, and drying, the professionals will provide a full range of services. Professional groomers will also clean and check your dog’s ears, allowing them to inspect for any signs of ear infections.

Ears, eyes, feet, nails, teeth, skin and every other section of your pup are covered with these grooming services. Professional dog grooming services ensure that your dog enjoys the kind of care you would expect for your dog.

The professionals understand how to deal with dogs
Dogs have varying temperaments and behaviours; some dogs can be gentle and accommodating while others can be aggressive or even anxious. Regardless of your dog’s behavior, professional groomers have the experience and the understanding on how to handle you dog safely.

The professionals have the right equipment

Although dog grooming may sound like a straightforward task, its effectiveness depends on having the right tools. Fortunately, all the right tools are available for professional groomers. They have the proper adjustable grooming table, clippers, brushes, scissors, etc. They also invest in nontoxic shampoos that can prevent irritation or allergic reactions for your dog.

The professionals can take care of the irritating things

Have you ever had to shampoo a skunked or muddy puppy? Do you actually enjoy trying to cut your dog’s nails? There are many tasks associated with grooming that most of us would rather not have to deal with or don’t even know where to begin.

The reality of it is that you don’t have to take care of these grooming tasks on your own. A Professional dog groomer will take care of both the big and the little issues that arise with having a dog. It will put you at ease knowing that these groomers will take on all of these tasks with pride and professionalism.

Professional dog grooming services provide health benefits
The benefits of professional dog grooming services don’t end at your dog’s physical needs. They extend to:

  • – Early detection of bumps, lumps, and other related health issues
  • – Prevention of skin irritations
  • – Proper distribution of natural oils of the dog and removal of dead skin
  • – Reduction of the risk of nail tears and cracks
    Promotion of the growth of the new healthy coat

As outlined above, professional dog grooming services can improve the look and quality of life of your dog and as an added bonus, they help you avoid the stress of grooming your dog yourself. Don’t wait, book an appointment with a professional dog groomer today.

Important Questions to Ask Potential Groomers Before You Hand Them Your Dog

As a dog owner, you should always consider taking your dogs to a professional groomer for proper and effective grooming. However, not all groomers offer the same level of exceptional dog grooming services that your dog deserves. Just like you wouldn’t hand your car over to any random mechanic shop or hand your kids off to a daycare center without asking them questions that would put you at ease, you shouldn’t just hand your dog to a groomer until they have answered a few key questions.

Below we outline 8 important questions to ask your next potential dog groomer before they see your pup:

Can I check out your grooming facility?

The cleanliness and organization of the grooming facility will give you an indication of their professionalism and the quality of service they offer. You shouldn’t hesitate to inspect the facility beforehand. Pay close attention to the appearance, smell, and ventilation of the facility. Also, you should consider how “pet-friendly” the place is, look for anything that can harm your dog including the types of tools and the products they are using at the facility.

What services do you offer?

Professional dog grooming services are not just about brushing, shampooing, and cutting. Top notch service usually includes mat removal, ear cleaning, nail clipping and/or trimming, teeth cleaning, and more. Understand the full breath of the services a groomer is offering before committing.

May I know about your training and experience?

Dog groomers undergo different kinds of training. While some individuals may go to dog grooming school, others will rely on mentoring programs and apprenticeships to build their skills. No particular training form is better than the other, the key is that they had some form of formal training, and have the experience to go with the theoretical knowledge.

Have you groomed my dog’s breed before?

The grooming needs of dogs vary from one breed to another, knowing whether the groomer has groomed your dog’s breed before is important because it shows they have experience. This experience can play a vital role in determining the quality of the services that your dog will receive.

How will you house my dog?

Your dog may not be on the grooming table throughout the process. So, you should ask how your dog will be housed during this period. Will your pup be kept in a crate or leashed up somewhere? Do you have an area where my dog can run around and play for a bit? Will the areas be clean and safe?

Do you have liability insurance?

This is a question often overlooked, but in rare cases, things may go wrong while professionals are grooming your pet. If they have liability insurance, it will take care of any costs associated with your dog’s injury.

Would you allow me to watch you as you groom my dog?

Are you anxious about leaving your dog while they are being groomed? Then, you should ask whether they can allow you to watch them as they do their jobs. Watching may also assist you in understanding more about your dog’s behaviour in these scenarios. It can also calm your dog during the professional dog grooming services.

How much do I have to pay for my dog’s grooming?

Before deciding to use the services of a dog groomer, you need to ask about the cost of services. Generally, the dog size, coat type, and type of services will determine the cost of grooming your dog. You should ask whether there are any additional fees that may affect the overall grooming cost. Building trust with a new groomer is extremely important for both you and your pup, getting the answers to the above questions will make it easier for you to decide whether to use their dog grooming services.

How Do I Prepare My Dog for Dog Grooming?

Both dogs and their humans can experience some form of anxiety when attending dog grooming services. The unfamiliar environment of the dog groomers may even elicit some anxiety or even some aggressive reactions from your dog. To prevent any of these negative reactions and to help your dog enjoy the care, it is important to prepare your pup for these grooming services.

Below we outline some of the steps that will help prepare your dog for dog grooming services:

Practice a few grooming acts at home

If your dog has never visited a dog grooming center in the past, they may struggle with being touched or handled by the groomer. To help prepare your dog for these tasks, try practicing a few grooming activities with them. Brush their fur, touch their nails with a clipper or small metal object, inspect their teeth, use a hairdryer to blow air over their fur, etc. By doing this, you will familiarize your dog with the process and ensure that grooming doesn’t elicit feelings of fear.

While practicing, make sure you touch and hold the areas that the groomers will likely touch during the grooming process. Make the grooming practice fun-filled and enjoyable for your dog, you can even give your dog a special treat at the end of the practice.

Look for the right groomers

Although you may have many professionals offering dog grooming services in your region, not all of them will be suited to take care of your dog. It is important to research the groomers within your area. Start off by getting recommendations from your friends and family that have dogs. Whether you get recommendations or not, you should also proceed to find more information about these groomers online. Check out the reviews of their previous clients. If you notice a pattern of complaints that probably is not a good sign, but on the other hand if you see the same compliments it shows consistency.

Once you have a short list of groomers you are interested in, visit their facilities. Check out the cleanliness and ventilation of the facilities. Pay attention to the equipment available. Ask if they have experience with your dog’s breed? If you have any special request or needs for your dog, speak to the groomer.

Don’t feel obligated to use any professional dog grooming services unless you are comfortable with their service quality.

Leave your dog with others

Many dogs struggle with being around unfamiliar people. So, as you prepare your furry friend for professional dog grooming services, you should try and let them stay around your friends and family without you or even take them to a dog daycare center once a week. This is to help your dog get accustomed to receiving care from someone else. Over time, they will be able to stay calm and unbothered while the professionals are grooming them.

Allow the groomers to do their work

After you have selected a groomer for your dog, it is time you allowed them to do their work. While some groomers will allow you to stay in the room with them as they groom your dog, others will require you to leave your dog with them for a few hours. You need to be comfortable with these stipulations before you arrive at the groomers. If your dog senses that you are anxious or aggravated, they are likely to mimic the same feelings making the entire process more difficult.

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